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Through This Site!

For every book purchased through this website a minimum of 50% of net proceeds will be donated to an organization supporting children's physical, mental & emotional needs with a focus on the Native American community. One of these designations is a living medicine wheel garden project that involves children and adults that was started by a Native American family on the Standing Rock Reservation. Another area that will be donated to is the Olweus anti-bullying campaign that is found locally and world wide. If we want the world to change we need to start with each and every child.

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A Children's Book For All Ages By Katie Lee

Virtual Reading for Elementary Students

YouTube Story Time Channel, Narrated by Theresa Hennig

True Life Story Behind Children's Book

"Your paintings match what's on the inside...Beauty, Strength, Majestic, Awesome, Breathtaking, and on Fire with your creativity!"

— Marissa Mihelich, New Love Yoga Instructor - GF, ND

"The illustrations by Katie Lee are incredible! Her book is so beautiful and moving."

— Jessica Biel - Timberlake, Actress, Model, Producer & Singer

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