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Author, illustrator and palette knife painter, Katie Lee was born in Montana and raised in North Dakota. She is a self taught artist that has truly come to appreciate the beauty that is found in the Midwest area. From simple skylines of the plains, to majestic wildlife of the Rockies and everything in between. Lee's main inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds her daily. "I find color in some of the seemingly colorless subjects on this earth and I try to bring that to life in my work. If you look hard enough you will see color in everything. Have you ever seen a white snow drift with a five o'clock shadow or the color of a farmer's black field at sunset? It isn't white and it isn't black." Lee has been an artist for 17 years and it wasn't until recently that her eyes started to truly see all the colors that were given to us on this earth. Today, Lee's work can be found in hotel lobbies, high end restaurants, high traffic public spaces and homes all across the United States including many homes in and around the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, MT. In 2011, Lee co-founded the company TAG which stands for THE ART of GIVING. It is a high end art sale that is organized and executed by a talented group of artists and entrepreneurs of many different ethnic backgrounds. The effort of all these talented individuals has created an event so successful over the past 8 years her company has given over $300,000 to local charities in need of support. TAG has also become a partner to her local Hospital, inspiring a development to the hospital called THE ART of HEALING. The hospital has added an art collection throughout their campus igniting the idea that art can heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Lee's hope is that people will start to see art the way she does, a platform for change. Lee says, "art comes from a persons ability to let go and be truly present in a moment."

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